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Not a Sidekick - Vignette Lip Pencil

$14.00 $14.00


A bold lip liner with a satin finish that glides on with ease. Wear with Lip Luire Gloss or Auteur Lip color to add dimension while enhancing color for a long lasting finish.


You find yourself wondering one evening about awkward phases. You’ve stepped into a thought pattern of comparing yourself to others and you need a quick jolt back to your true, fabulous reality. Take a few deep breaths while you use your trusty burgundy lip pencil to take you to wine-stained paradise. This is you resetting. This is you coming back to the conclusion that you are the hero of your story, and you’re more than deserving of the happiness each super adventure brings.

‘Not a Sidekick’ is the deep berry lip liner of your dreams, with all of the pigment and sass, and none of the parabens, alcohols, sulfates, or nasty history of animal testing.

NET WT. .042 OZ. 1.2g


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