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Nosedive Vignette Lip Pencil

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A bold lip liner with a satin finish that glides on with ease. Wear with Lip Luire Gloss or Auteur Lip color to add dimension while enhancing color for a long lasting finish.


You’ve heard what goes up must come down. Everything eventually plummets after a spike. Life operates at a baseline and if you rise too far, something will level you out. You’ve heard wrong. Ride the ascent, and be proud, you beauty. Don’t believe any negativity thrown at your hopes, dreams, goals or plans. If your perseverance and positivity don’t convince naysayers you aren’t listening, your cocoa powder colored lips will.

‘Nosedive’ is the nude mauve lip liner of your dreams, with all of the pigment and sass, and none of the parabens, alcohols, sulfates, or nasty history of animal testing.

NET WT. .042 OZ. 1.2g


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