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Meet Marissa

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Meet Marissa

Freelance film producer Marissa Clement captivates with her joyful effervescence and fresh-faced enthusiasm. Operating out of Detroit, Michigan, Marissa has already logged a very busy 2018 -- producing her first music video for Trey Connor, as well as working as an Assistant Director on various short films. The 22-year old holds up directors like Ava DuVernay and Patty Jenkins as inspiration for their authentic talent and attention to detail, which is also helping her define her own career path as she chooses her upcoming projects.

Marissa’s take on the industry and its possible pitfalls is honest, and in our interview with her, her hopeful, determined outlook is refreshing. She sees a path forward for emerging directors and producers fueled by resourcefulness and risk-taking. Like her favorite movie character “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast, Marissa is a natural Belle en Argent Muse with an intellectual flair and passion for knowledge and learning. Read on for more from our Marissa interview, including advice to her younger self and describing some of her most life-changing moments to-date.
We played Two Truths and a Lie with Marissa! .....You probably know the rules, but here is a quick refresher--Below, Marissa gave us two true fun facts, as well as one that's made up. See if you can guess which one is the lie! View the answer at the bottom of her interview.

My first film was about two kids and their babysitter chasing a weiner dog. 

I pursued pediatric medicine after high school for a bit. 

I worked on a One Republic music video.


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Home Town

Detroit, Michigan


Film Producer

When did you know this is what you wanted to do?

I have always loved film.

After high school, I felt very lost like many people do. Not sure which direction to go, I had a talk with the people close to me, and they suggested I do research on film schools near me. That’s when I found Motion Picture Institute of Troy. After looking into it, I knew this was what I was meant to do. I’ve been head first in the film industry ever since.

What projects are you working on now?

I’m currently working on a vampire feature film, directed by local award-winning director Robert Butler, starring Richard Tyson from Kindergarten Cop.

We also just put out Acura and Fender spots. And I’ll be going to Toledo to work on the 48-Hour Film Festival next week.

What is your dream project? Or dream collaboration?

My dream project would be the docuseries I’ll be pursuing next year. My dream collab would be a music video with The Lumineers.

    List three (3) accomplishments you are most proud of

    1. I made a short film dedicated to my cousin, Cody, that passed away when we were seven-years old. It was an amazing tribute that I’m grateful I was able to create.
    2. I followed my dreams, although the film industry is not the most secure career path.
    3. I met voice actress, Paige O’Hara, who voiced Belle in Beauty and the Beast. (May not seem like an accomplishment but probably the coolest thing that ever happened to me! Haha!)

    Who is your favorite character from a movie?


    Who is your favorite filmmaker/writer/director/producer/editor, etc?

    I look up to Ava DuVernay (director of Wrinkle in Time) and Patty Jenkins (director of Wonder Woman) as women in film and as creators. Their attention to detail and authentic talent has left their mark.

    Did you know in 2016 women made up only 7% of all directors working on the 250 top grossing films?

    I did know that.  

    But, in 2017, that percentage bumped up to 18%! (

    And so far, in 2018, 29% of festival directors are female! (

    ... they see us ;)

    Who do you admire and why? (this can be someone you know or a public figure)

    I admire anyone that has took a leap of faith and followed their dreams. No matter how hard or how insecure a path may seem, they’ve come out on the other side against all odds.

    What do you feel is the biggest hurdle for women and POC in the film industry?

    I think a hurdle for us is that we can’t always do things the way it normally goes. We definitely need to go out looking for more resources and ways to make things happen. But believe me, they see us. We are changing worlds now and we are unstoppable.

    Do you know women who aspire to be directors?

    I do. They are innovative, and strong, and brilliant, and they will change the world.

    What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self? What is one wish you have for your future self?

    I wish I could have told my younger self to go soul-searching a little sooner. I want my future self to be at peace.

    Would you ever be interested in taking over our Instagram and Snapchat for a day?


    What's your favorite makeup item?

    Burt’s Bees lip crayon in Sedona Sands!

    What was the lie?

    I pursued pediatric medicine after high school for a bit. ( Actually pursued veterinary med.) 

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