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BYRDIE: 10 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands to Know (And My Favorite Products from Each One)

Posted by Alexander Vidal Ormachea Alvarado on

"Get that full lip effect á la Selena Quintanilla with this nude-mauve lip liner. It easily glides on your lips to create a plump, dimensional-looking pout."


While Latin-Beauty (or L-Beauty) is just getting its foot in the industry, Latinxs have always been known to go all in when it comes to makeup. From Frida Kahlo’s signature brows and bright lip combo to J. Lo’s admirable glow, our culture’s most iconic females are just an example of how we express ourselves through beauty. And speaking of icons, we cannot forget about our abuelas, who were usually the first ones to teach us how to apply lipstick and where to spritz our colonia on the most important points of our body before leaving the house.

All in all, us Latinxs have a strong connection to beauty since the day we were born, even using it as a form of self-care. We also see it as our most valuable weapon–like wearing red lipstick as a confidence booster to get us through the day. In 2015, Nielsen reported that even though sales have declined across several beauty categories, Hispanics were the ones increasing their consumption in it, calling us “the ‘foundation’ for beauty category sales.”

But even though we don't take our beauty regimens lightly (it's no surprise that some of the top beauty experts and influencers are Latinx), it wasn't up until a few years ago that we saw an influx of Latinx-owned beauty brands hit the market. And, given our penchant for next-level beauty, there’s no doubt these products are created to really deliver. Below are 10 incredible beauty products from Latinx-owned brands that you should definitely try.

Melt Cosmetics All Day Everyday Eyeliner $17

My favorite trend this summer has to be colorful eyeliner. This orange one from Melt Cosmetics glides smoothly across the eyelids, allowing you to create a precise line without friction or hassle. The best part is that it has a waterproof formula that will stay intact throughout the hottest summer days.

Liquid Lipstick
Luna Magic Uno Matte Liquid Lipstick In Gostosa $12

I’ve seen this matte liquid lipstick in different skin tones, from fair to dark, and I can assure you that it looks amazing on everyone. Its blue undertone and smooth finish makes it one of the most perfect orangey-red lipsticks out there.

Reina Rebelde 4 Play Wet Dry Eye Color In Azteca$18

Whether you want to create a dark smoky-eye look or you just want to add a little bit of gold sparkle to your eyelids, this is the perfect palette. Reina Rebelde's formulas are highly pigmented, yet extremely blendable. They offer up a flawless finish.

Liquid Lipstick
Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lip Gloss in Coqueta$15

You can finally say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect nude lip gloss. The four shades that are available work across a wide range of skin tones. They deliver maximum shine without too much of that annoying stickiness. As such, this is definitely my favorite lip product at the moment.

Beautyblender Glass Glow Shinelighter Crystal Clear Highlighter $25

Speaking of shine, this highlighter will provide your no-makeup makeup look with natural-looking radiance—no frost or chunky sparkle, here. Apply it to the high points of your face, even your eyelids, for a dewy effect that's perfect for summer.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Primer $15

What’s better than a good mascara? The answer is a mascara that comes with an attached primer. This one has a thin wand that allows you to easily reach the inner corner of your lashes. You'll see dramatic length without clumping.

Necromancy Ghoul Queen Lipstick $16

If you’re looking for an unexpected element to make you stand out, this Puerto Rican makeup brand has an amazing variety of matte lipsticks in unique shade. This minty blue one, which is called Ghoul Queen, will add a certain edge to even the most simplistic makeup looks.

Kat Von D Mini Lock-It Foundation $18

This foundation has been a longtime favorite of beauty junkies who love full coverage, and now it comes in travel size. With 44 shades, this formula promises to be the perfect match for your skin, making it look even and flawless for hours and hours.

Vive Cosmetics Luz & Glow Highlighter Duo $21

For the diosas and reinas out there who love to look extra, this highlighter duo melts into your skin, giving you that intensified glow to turn heads wherever you go. Both of its warm, velvety shades blend perfectly with olive undertones, making it look like you’re shining from within.

Lip Liner
Belle En Argent Nosedive Vignette Lip Pencil $16

Get that full lip effect á la Selena Quintanilla with this nude-mauve lip liner. It easily glides on your lips to create a plump, dimensional-looking pout.

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